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Seashell labs is focused on technology driven solutions to help people live happier and healthier lives
is to create solutions that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) numbers 3 and 9.
Shell Labs network is the foundation of our platform. Built with Celestia protocol, our solution is a GDPR and HIPPA compliant platform for projects that are health related.
Data ownership and security is at the core of our solution. Therefore, our data is stored either on individual device or stored decentralized to provide a high level of security for personal and health data.
The SSL Network - a compliant data protection and ownership structure
Our goal is to extend health tech products to every part of the world, especially emerging markets that are currently priced out of high quality solutions.

We believe that access to good quality care isn’t only for those who can afford to pay high fees, but for all. If you share our vision, connect with us as we build an ecosystem that allows both the banked and unbanked to form healthy habits, and get informative content that is tailored to them.
CoralApp is a social fitness platform harnessing cutting-edge technology to help you live a healthy, connected, joyful life. A hybrid DApp powered by blockchain and AI technology, we’re creating the future of digital health while putting you fully in control of the use and monetization of your health data.

On CoralApp, you’ll get access to the latest AI tech to track and understand your health, and receive personalized recommendations, content, and rewards to help you develop lifelong healthy habits.
CoralHealth supports digitization of the healthcare public and private sector with a focus on better patient outcomes through easy to use SaaS model. Our suite of products is designed to aid providers in the health, wellness, and fitness related companies with advanced health tech tools to support their users and patients.
CoralMarket is a marketplace for wellness, health, and fitness content creators and providers to offer their health and wellness related content. For certified providers, proof of certification will be required for the safety of our users. For wellness and fitness coaches, we welcome you to bring your content to our platform and access a global audience that are able to consume content with or without the use of fiat.(We can link it here to the website)
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