CoralApp Beta is Here!
A wellness and fitness app built with blockchain and AI technology features.
We spread joy by making healthy habits ridiculously fun and rewarding!
Get a little peak at the app
Not just your ordinary web3 dapp. CoralApp is so much more!
Empowering you in sustainable ways
Check your vital daily as part of your holistic healthy journey. By using AI technology, we bring you the future of health tech.
Participate in fitness and wellness challenges with friends. CoralApp is designed to reward you for being active.
We are now connected more than ever before. Self-care, and healthy meals have become the new flex.
Community participation is at the heart of what we are building. Why? Because human interaction is critical for holistic wellbeing.
Own your data, you have the power of choice. You can monetize or keep private. We use blockchain technology to power it!
Earn rewards for challenging friends and community to form healthy habits. Earn rewards for being intentional in tracking your health.
Making it fun to choose healthier habits everyday
The App is created to support your quest to form healthier habits with a variety of ways to engage: Activity trackers, in-app wallet for your rewards, and a community to challenge you and cheer you on as you transform to the best version of you!
We empower you to be the best version of you!
Tired of subscribing to multiple apps to support to wellbeing?
CoralApp is the one single dapp to rule them all. Join us with many ways to subscribe and engage.
Switch between wellness and fitness
All your activities on one App. You engage with what you feel like engaging with. Leg days or meditation day, CoralApp is here for you.
So simple to be a part of the Coral Tribe!
Download the Application now.