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The joy of healthy habits
A new generation fitness and wellness app built on blockchain technology. We offer you a toolbox of cutting edge technologies to stay fit - both physically and mentally.
The CoralApp application will allow users to experience wellness and fitness in person and in the Metaverse - powered by blockchain technology.
Some of the things we’ve learned will probably transform the way we live, work and play for good. So why not change it for the better?
During the pandemic, we've all experienced what it means to get disconnected from the people we love. At the same time, we’ve also learned how the digital world enables new ways of social interaction, offering new possibilities going forward.
A marketplace that allows creators to offer their wellness and fitness video and audio as NFTs and users to buy or rent fitness and wellness content.
The CoralApp community is a place where people can freely discuss topics that matter to their health and wellness, as well as schedule meetings with leading professionals.
From diet and nutrition tracking to meditation and mental health, users can find it all in the wellness section of our app.
CoralApp Features
The fitness section of the app is loaded with fun features such as step tracking, personal, group, and corporate challenges that offer incentives and rewards.
Join the CoralApp
Check your vital daily as part of your holistic healthy journey. By using AI technology, we bring you the future of health tech.
Participate in fitness and wellness challenges with friends. CoralApp is designed to reward you for being active.
We are now connected more than ever before. Self-care, and healthy meals have become the new flex.
Empowering you in sustainable ways
Community participation is at the heart of what we are building. Why? Because human interaction is critical for holistic wellbeing.
Own your data, you have the power of choice. You can monetize or keep private. We use blockchain technology to power it!
Earn rewards for challenging friends and community to form healthy habits. Earn rewards for being intentional in tracking your health.
Lead Developer
Front-end developer
Bunmi B.
Adetayo G.
Michael J.
Meet our leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
19 years in industry with a background at fortune 500 companies including Ford Motor Company and consulting firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton.
Full stack developer with over 6 years of experience in flutter/dart.
Front-end developer with 6+ years of experience designing, developing, and managing complex e-commerce sites and internal frameworks.
Legal and Regulatory advisor
Lead blockchain developer
Community & Marketing Manager
Joseph R.
Daniyar S.
Anas H.
Chief Executive Officer of Mandala Exchange and the founder of Reiben & Reiben law group. He is focused on regulatory and compliance, business and tax issues surrounding emerging markets such as blockchain,
Blockchain and full stack developer with 6 years of experience in blockchain industry. He has a wide range of experience in marketplace and nft design.
He has a background in marketing, and project management in Web2 and Web3. Passionate about sports and everything in between.
Advantages of Working with Us

  • Autonomy and flexible schedule of content offering.
  • Payment agnostic platform (fiat and crypto*)
  • Ability to be at the forefront of the future of Web3 integration.
CoralApp is pushing the creator economy by crowd sourcing high quality wellness, fitness, and mindfulness content globally.
Are you a wellness, fitness, or mindfulness content creator?
Frequently Asked Questions
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Making it fun to choose healthier habits everyday
The App is created to support your quest to form healthier habits with a variety of ways to engage: Activity trackers, in-app wallet for your rewards, and a community to challenge you and cheer you on as you transform to the best version of you!
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